Roasted fleur de sel. SOSO 100 g egg

Roasted fleur de sel. SOSO 100 g egg

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Roasted fleur de sel. SOSO 100 g egg

Fleur de sel is a gourmet salt harvested by hand, with a special crystallization that makes it unique.

Original, practical, tasty, distinctive, pleasant ...

There are many adjectives of this taste to use it completely changes the food we add to it.

We will bring that flavor and unmistakable aroma of grilled, as if we had done on a barbecue.

You use it as usual in your kitchen: we will take a major shift in burgers grilled meats, vegetables or fish, transforming them into the same food but made grilled.

Ingredients Fleur de sel, corn maltodextrin and grilled natural aroma 

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