Oro del Desierto Arbequina

Oro del Desierto Arbequina

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Oro del Desierto Arbequina

Single estate, limited production Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced exclusively from arbequina olives from early harvest in “El Vicario” estates. Olive grows between 3 and 15 years, planted in 7 x 5m with drip irrigation system.

Collection: From mid-October to early November.

Presentation: 500ml bottle

Production: Cold extraction 2 phases. Only olives turning color early, 75-80% even green.

Varieties: Arbequina

Area: Finca vicar, Desert Tabernas (Almería)

Organoleptic and sensory analysis:

Aroma/bouquet: Medium/soft fruity, fresh aroma of almonds and other fruits medium ripe, very harmonic and balanced. 

Flavour/taste:Soft and pleasant enter, absence of bitterness, spiciness and piquant sensation a but more present. It lets a vegetal sensation on the palate, persistent and nice back taste.

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