Natural fleur de sel. SOSO 100 g

Natural fleur de sel. SOSO 100 g

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Natural fleur de sel. SOSO 100 g 

Fleur de sel is a form of pure salt, harvested using traditional techniques.

In the sea salt pans, crystallization occurs at sunset, due to cooling of the brine, it reduces its solubility and promotes the formation of small crystals rich in magnesium and fluoride, these crystals weigh less than the brine, so they start floating on the surface, where they are collected manually and before the crystals grow too much.

You can only collect fleur de sel on days with large thermal oscillation without any wind.

This it is a salt produced in limited quantities, fleur de sel 
is considered the \"gourmet\" salt par excellence.


It dissolves easily in the mouth and has an intense sea flavor, but less salty than table salt.

It is recommended for all kinds of dishes.

It does not cake.

Enhances its flavor if added at the end of cooking or just before serving as it merges with the juices of the food.


Natural fleur de sel


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