Fleur de sel Red Fruits. SOSO 100 g egg

Fleur de sel Red Fruits. SOSO 100 g egg

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Fleur de sel Red Fruits. SOSO 100 g egg

Fleur de sel is a gourmet salt harvested by hand, with a special crystallization that makes it unique.

Fleur de sel with the intense color of the best berries .

It retains all the features of cranberries , currants , raspberries and strawberries.

It gives a fresh, sweet and delicious aroma.

Offers plenty in use in the kitchen with dishes such as gravies, roasts, salads , pastas or casseroles .

A different and unique flavor to enjoy the food.


Fleur de sel, strawberry, blueberry , raspberry , elderberry , black currant, beet , maltodextrin (corn ), sucrose , glucose , citric acid ( E330 ) , glycerine and natural extract

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