Dried sea lettuce 25 g

Dried sea lettuce 25 g

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Dried sea lettuce 25 g

Organic Product Seaweed  Sea Lettuce (Ulva spp.)

Intense flavor. Cartilaginous texture
High in fiber, protein and low in fat.
Sugarfree. Source of vitamin A, B1 and B9.
High content: Calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), iron (Fe) and iodine (I).
It does not contain gluten
Suitable for diabetics

Natural: dressed in salads.
Toasted: an appetizer. Crushed and baked as a condiment.
Boiled: In salads, soup, scrambled, croquettes, soups waking, pie, etc. Japanese sushi to wrapping green rice and fish.


Hydrated: Submerge in water with salt for 10 minutes. change water and leave another 20 minutes.
When it hydrated increases to six times its dry weight.
Cooking: Boil 5 minutes.
Roasting: heat in baking or frying pan until it changes color

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