Baby Care Pack

Baby Care Pack

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Baby Care Pack

Healthy skin from day one

Made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ecological, Hot Springs and Olive Leaf Extract, among other natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera to respect the delicate skin of babies.

Pack with five baby care products and a natural sea sponge..

Essential in the bathroom or departure.

The result is a pack comprising:

Moisturizing bath gel, body oil, mild shampoo, lotion, eau de cologne and soft natural sea sponge.

No parabens or allergens.

Content: 5 cans of 100 ml and a natural sponge.

The baby's skin is five times thinner than an adult's, so a newborn is more defenseless against skin irritation and loss of water. Aware of this, we have created a range of everyday products, from our best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ecological, in order to prevent or alleviate irritations, retain moisture and protect skin from external aggressions such as wind, environmental dryness ...
We have enriched with different types of plants such as sage, rosemary, thyme, witch hazel, wheat germ, sweet almond oil ... for its moisturizing and regenerative properties.

It can be used frequently

Qualities that make olive oil a great ally for health and beauty of body tissues:

  • Hydrating: olive oil is a rich source of essential fatty acids that help restore natural moisture levels of the skin.
  • The main component of olive oil, oleic acid, is a constituent of cell membranes and skin.
  • The antioxidants present in the oil (polyphenols, vitamin E and oleic acid) act setting free radicals, which helps to delay skin aging.
  • Olive oil is a useful body even emollient used for performing therapeutic massage.
  • It has a remarkable tonic effect of the epidermis.
  • Protects the skin against external aggressive factors, hydrates and maintains the entire structure of the dermis, allowing better regeneration and therefore greater firmness.
  • It has been used in much of the Mediterranean from the S VII to manufacture soaps.
  • In India, mothers massage their babies daily with olive oil.

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